Friday, April 27, 2012

Olivia Wilde: Wilde Eyes

There is no doubt that House star Olivia Wilde is beautiful and that guys go wild for her. I mean, look at her! Her eyes are certainly one of Hollywood's finest. Jason Sudekis, many envy you.

Since the Tribeca Film Festival in New York has been going on for more than a week now (ends this Sunday), there have been many stunning looks on the red carpet; it's so hard to choose which look to do because there are just so many! You may have seen my last post about Emma Watson at TFF last week. Wilde was also one of the actresses who attended TFF for the Deadfall premiere on Monday. Wilde matched a sexy lace panel Mason dress with sultry smokey eyes - and she went blonde!

Face: Before putting anything on your face, always (ALWAYS!) follow these five quick steps. They come very in handy.

This should be one of the last steps but find a warm-toned blush that is close to your skin color. It gives your cheeks a more natural, dewy complexion. I highly suggest the NYX Rose Petal Cream Blush ($6.99, Ulta). There have been so many raves from beauty gurus about this shade because it's not so pink and it makes you look like you're not wearing any blush!

Eyes: I know it's Spring season and let me tell you, this is the worst time of the year. It's much worse than Winter - I don't even get sick in the Winter! My eyes have been really dried from the allergies lately and worst of all, it makes my conjunctivitis much worse. Because my eyes look so tired and dead in the morning, I've been using eye cream every morning. I bought the Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado ($28.50 [$27 in stores]) back in January and didn't realize how essential it is to my makeup routine until now. A little pricey but this will probably last you for years. A teeny, tiny bit goes a long way.

An eyeshadow primer is always necessary if you want the ultimate look! As always I prefer the NARS Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base ($24, Nordstrom) but there are also alternatives, like the NYX Eyeshadow Base ($6.50, Amazon). After years of using eyeshadow base, I always thought my eyeshadows didn't 'pop' and the shimmer never showed. I bought a sample of the Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy ($7 for tube] and it really saved me from giving up on shimmer eyeshadows. You must use a primer to use this. It is amazing stuff and you can always buy a small sample (which will last you for months) to try it out before buying the whole thing. I guarantee that it's like nothing you've ever tried before.

Now, what you want to do first is get a pearl-colored shimmer stick. I know people probably don't use these regularly, so get a really cheap one since you won't use it a lot. There is a 2-in-1 Studio Eyeliner & Shimmer Stick from e.l.f. ($3) which is at your convenience - get that in pearl/glow or if you prefer a huge stick, get the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil ($4) in Cottage Cheese. (I know, what a unappealing name). Apply it on your tearduct gently.

Get a mild gray shimmer eyeshadow like Knight Divine from MAC Cosmetics ($15) and pat it all over your eyelids. You can also get the Palladio Baked Eye Shadow Trio in Black Tie ($7.99, Ulta), which is a great deal because it also includes a black eyeshadow, which we are going to use as well.

Take a shimmery black eyeshadow and gently pat it on the outer lid and carefully blend it in with the gray eyeshadow.

Try to bring the black eyeshadow down to the outer lash line as well and the inner lash line. Stop when you reach where the pearl shimmer color is.

Because liquid eyeliners, don't smudge (for the most part), use the Revlon ColorStay Liner ($7.29, and apply it on the lower water line.

Lips: Olivia certainly didn't overdo it with shimmery lips and kept it simple with a matte, apricot lipstick. It looks very natural, yet very elegant. I highly recommend the Mark Lipclick SPF15 (perfect for this weather!) in the Cupid shade. ($11)

Photos: Craig Barritt/Getty Images

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