Saturday, May 12, 2012

Wild About Wilde

Ah. And yet again, here we are with another post with Olivia Wilde. She is just stunning (and I'm not in love with her - promise!). When Olivia Wilde and actress Emma Stone were named as the new faces of Revlon last August, it was said that they would be part of a huge product launch in early 2012. Here were are in the middle of May and Olivia is filming a commercial (possibly for this launch) - coming to a screen near you soon!

I am guessing this commercial will be launched by early June or the end of June, given the prim white dress, which screams out "summer". Under the trenchcoat: dark red lipstick, flowy white dress and wavy blond hair - remind you of anyone? (Psst...50's/60's Hollywood Starlet)

I must say, this trenchcoats-over-dresses-style is something I would wear and I don't usually wear dresses. I know! Of all the people, why do I have to be the one who normally doesn't wear dresses. The answer is simple: comfortability. I may feel more feminine when I wear a dress and three-inch heels but there's no comfort in it for me.
One, because I have a fear of the wind blowing up my dresses (which has happened too many times) and two, I walk too much and if I wear heels, my feet are going to be numb. I went to a job interview the other day with my heels on and no matter how hard I tried to get the gist of walking in them and pretending as if I were wearing sneakers, I came home with two immensely large cuts on my foot. Guess I need more practice at home, as my best friend said it best! (What are best friends for?)

Olivia Wilde is gorgeous as always but the cherry red lipstick does not suit her very well. Since she now has blond hair, we all know that dark red lipstick doesn't always look great on blondes.

Dress: Let's start with the dress. Remember to not wear a strapped bra when wearing a piece of clothing that will show 75% of your shoulders. If you do, at least make sure they are clear straps.

I think this ensemble is perfect because it does not expose too much skin, in the cleavage area, it's not tight, has no lace, and it goes down by the knees. I managed to find quite a few lovely dresses that resemble this elegant style. My favorite is Delia's Skater Circle Dress ($44.50), which has a scoop neck that gives the white color a more "classy" finish.

Another one I found that I think most people will like is the Sweetheart Neck Summer Dress from the ASOS Collection ($38, Asos). Sweetheart Neck. Those words just melt in your brain. The sweetheart neck is the epitome of classic Hollywood, where sweetheart neck bikini tops was the trend when it came to the beach. Most of all, the cross-over design makes this dress even more unique.

Accessories: Personally, I think brown belts with white dresses and tops are getting a bit old - I'd like to see identical-colored accessories come back! I have to be honest: I was going to recommend a light brown-colored belt but the fawn-colored belt Olivia has on is even better! I think the light brown would've taken the "classy" out of the ensemble.

I found the perfect set of belts from ALDO: the Kleffman belts, which are a steal at two for $20! Get the "Bone" set for the perfect nude color! If you prefer not to get two, for a dollar more, you can get the nude Thin Belt at Lori's Shoes

While I do like the camel-colored clutch, I prefer a cream-colored clutch, something close to a soft pink but not quite. Because this style is retro, the focus is on timeless pieces that will not be out of style in 30 years. This Nina Patent Croc Clutch at John Lewis is the perfect example of timelessness. I walk in vintage stores from time to time, and animal skin (snake, crocodile, alligator, etc.) clutches was a symbol of "luxury" decades ago. They were in style back then, they're still in style today!

The Albang clutch (weird name, I know!) from ALDO ($40) can be used through day and night and will still have eyes glued to it. Plus, it can be used as a shoulder bag with the chain, or simply as a clutch!

Shoes: I think I might want to get myself a pair of nude pumps! I think nude pumps go with almost anything light-colored - they're neutral and not tacky. These SCALA Patent Court Shoes at Asos ($38)  reminds me of the retro pumps from the 80s that my aunt would change into for church on Sunday mornings. These will definitely not go out of style for as long as they live!


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