Sunday, April 22, 2012

Emma Watson: Magical Blue

Hermione is all grown up! Even though I wish most of the "Harry Potter" cast were still younger & cuter (as I'm sure most of us still do), they have turned out to age pretty well. Just thinking of Daniel Radcliffe in the first "Harry Potter" film...ohh! Emma Watson, who we have seen grown to be a beautiful woman,  has been famously flaunting her short 'do and red lips.

Emma showed up at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York on Saturday for the "Struck By Lightning" premiere in a leather jacket, a Miu Miu printed white blouse, light blue floral skirt, blue peep-toe pumps and pink clutch. What a cute outfit! Emma's outfit is very Springy and I am very much in love with her blue pumps and floral skirt!

Top: Even though I love the print blouse on Emma, I do NOT like the leather jacket over it. I think she completely ruined such an elegant outfit with that leather jacket. Emma's whole style screams out elegant and maybe because she's been playing a badass character on the upcoming film, "The Bling Ring", where she has a tattoo, wears leather jackets and little-to-no clothes, her character might have rubbed off on her a bit. I would have wore a cream-colored cardigan, something that is more sophisticated, like a sheer cardigan. 

For those of you who like ruffles, I am loving this Anne Klein Animal Printed Blouse ($21,! A little bit of ruffles always adds a little fun and spice to an outfit. If you just prefer the standard classy look, you will love this H&M Blouse ($9.95,; I love the lace lining details in the middle!

Bottom: I just love that Miu Miu satin blue floral skirt - it's so feminine and very Spring! Blue and white always looks gives a fresh, clean feel (what doesn't blue look good with?).  This French Connection Strip Mini Skirt ($45.45, asos) is too cute to resist! So girly but casually laid-back and I love the gathered pleats. Plus it's high-waist!

Shoes: I am loving peep toe pumps more and more these days! These are always great for the summer, especially if your feet sweats (we all do it!) and I love that she chose a darker blue to pair the light-colored top and bottom - it's like she intentionally wore light to darker from top to bottom! I found these very cute glossy pumps from My Hot Shoes ($22, Amazon) you can rock with anything!

Clutch: First of all, I just want to say that I love Miu Miu and her handbags and accessories. Even though I love the pink clutch, it does not go with the outfit overall. It's a nice try, but she'd have to wear a pink skirt to pull it off or a lighter color.

Instead, I would probably match it with a darker blue or a lighter blue color, like this quilted blue clutch ($36, Remind you of other designs? 


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  3. i loved this ensamble.You take out the jacket and its a completely different look!!!


  4. I like how she mixed print on print top and bottom! I love her style! <3

  5. Print on prints are so in! Love this look


  6. I really like her style. So chic :) I found your lovely blog in my IFB group and I am now following :) Stop by and follow back if you like what you see.

  7. Emma looks pretty! I agree with you, the top looks better with no jacket on..

    Pudding Monster

  8. Gorgeous jacket and I love how it looks with the dress too. You look stunning!
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