Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve Dress Ideas

Happy New Year! Boy, I cannot believe a year has gone by so fast already. It seemed like 2010 was just yesterday. I had a lot of ups and downs this year but I guess I cannot complain too much. One of the best things of this year was starting this blog. I finally got the courage to do something I've been wanting to for a very long time and hopefully, I've inspired some people.

I know people are all about celebrating and partying out tonight and it seems like tonight might be perfect for glitter and whatnot. What better to end the year with a little sparkle and shiny clothing for a squeaky, new year?

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Item Of The Day: Leann Rimes' Hot Pink Pants

Country singer LeAnn Rimes hit the slopes with beau Eddie Cibrian in Aspen, Co., with a black denim jacket over a pair of hot pink pants tucked in black fuzz boots. I do love hot pink with black...just in a complete opposite way though. So what do we think of her hot pink pants (even though she's seldom wearing a light gray jacket)? Did she pull it off well or not?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Outside: A Guide to Puffer Coats and Its Surroundings

It is around 20-30 degrees at this time, which is pretty high for December, considering it is normally at low 10s at this time of the year. But then again, it starts snowing in January-March so there are hardly any white Christmases! As basic trench coats are less trending as the temperature is constantly falling, it's time to think about keeping warm while being trendy and winter is all about showing off what's on the outside.

For the last few years, I have really ditched my puffer coats because I thought they made me look like a giant marshmallow and will ruin any outfit I have. Turns out I'm wrong. There are ways puffer coats can stand out with outfits. However, it's the way you wear it.

I know what you're thinking. How could a shiny, puffy, air cushion packaging-like coat be fashionable at all? What could it ever do for me, other than to keep me warm?


Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I know I've been MIA lately since I've had finals and had these depressing "side-effects". But I am so ready to get back on the blogging! I have missed it too much and all this time, I kept thinking about making a new post but it does take a lot of time and I want you all to know that I spend a lot of time and effort into making each post (this one, not so much) to give you only the best ideas and I'm grateful that people still have been reading my posts, even while I was away! So, thank you all for that and I promise that I will try updating more as I have a volunteer job on the side as well.