Monday, February 13, 2012

Red Carpet Look: Kate Beckinsale

It's that time of year again when natural talents get their prizes - I'm talking about the Grammy Awards! Along with prize-winning records, it comes along with prize-winning looks. This is when all the Swarovski-embellished dresses, the vivid laced long gowns, poofy dresses and other 'bizarre' or 'bedazzling' dresses or hairdos come out.

While everyone (for the most part) looked pretty and glamorous, one particular dress I loved was none other than Kate Beckinsale's Zuhair Murad creamy one shoulder dress (with a black bow accentuated) matched with black Salvatore Ferragamo pumps. Simple yet very elegant as she chose something that was completely on the neutral side, neither being too plain or eccentric.

The 37-year-old "Underworld" actress (who clearly looks younger than she is), along with host LL Cool J, presented Katy Perry's performance at the award show in this Grecian look with an updo.

Here are some ways to get her stunning look!

Dress: For gals who are looking for that exact look (or similar), try this Satin Dress with a
Floral Strap ($20.68) from the Black Label collection by Akira, a popular clothing chain in Chicago.

It's not exactly what Kate wore but close and I like the asymmetrical hem as opposed to the fitted hem - I think it does create the ideal 'Grecian' look since ancient Greek women (and men) wore loose-fitting tunics.

Another similar dress I came across was this Heavily Beading OS Dress from ASOS ($80.57). Somewhat different from the other look but I thought most of you would like it. The draped elbow sleeve is really cute and I love the pleats. If the other dresses had the kind of pleats this dress has, it would be perfect.

For those who are really vying for that shoulder bow look, it's simple:

Get a piece of ribbon (or even lace) about a yard long or (maybe less). Tie it and stretch it out as far as you'd like, but not too far. Get a piece of thread that's of the same color as the bow (or close to - as long as it's not visible), a hand sewing needle and quilt the bow to the dress as much as you can.

Shoes: While the black shoes were a nice match only because of the black bow, but it wouldn't necessarily be a perfect match overall. But then again, it was probably age-appropriate for her.

I personally think that a pair of gold strapped heels (or any colors in that range) would emphasize that look dress more. The ideal kind of shoes I'm talking about are (and this is just an example) these shoes. But there are these Rogera by Nine West ($55) sandals for those who want a more solid look.

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