Monday, June 11, 2012

The Hottest Beach Runway

Hope everyone is having a great June so far! The weather in New York has been beautiful lately, and people are digging up their swimsuits! I have not been to the beach in a really (REALLY) long time and I am yearning to go to the beach already! I can't believe it's the first dat of June already - it seems like yesterday was the beginning of May and I was cramming like mad for my final exams.

So, I've noticed that a lot of girls are wondering what to wear over their bikinis - jeans, shorts, tank tops, etc. I mean, who wouldn't want to look hot in and out? I've seen a lot of people wear very unflattering and uncomfortable clothes over their swimwear and a woman should always feel sexy in their swimwear no matter what. Here, I will discuss what to wear over your bikinis, your tankinis, your mokinis and more!

We get it: it's hot, you don't want to wear pants, especially to the beach. Don't! When you go to the beach, you want to be comfortable, not get wet sand all over your outer clothes. I remember a time when I went to Coney Island in capris and let the waves wash my feet, it went all the way up to my capris and for the next hour, my legs were itchy and wet. Gross!

If you're going to show your body off, might as well show it off well! I've seen girls with puffy shirts over their bikinis that just aren't flattering. Girls, you have a nice body - show it off! And by showing off, I don't always mean the popular belly fringe shirts that are somehow trending these days. And not even getting all dressed up in earrings, clothes you'd wear on Casual Fridays. Going to the beach is about being laid-back, fun and carefree, while still looking effortlessly fabulous. I don't like to put too much emphasis on beach clothes as long as it's simple and still nice.

Top: For the upper half, I think they should be casual but show a little sex appeal. Off--shoulder tops are very popular these days and I think they are perfect for the beach. I am in love with this Truly Madly Deeply top from Urban Outfitters ($24) in green! Very basic, yet stylish and sexy if you tie a knot in the front (as shown), but it is not baggy and it goes with almost any bikini top color (except purple-pinks).The white color is also another nice option, especially if you're wearing purples and pinks and bright colors.

I also like the crop tops, which I think are perfect for the beach. Wear high-waist shorts!

Also, if you're thinking about wearing a boho skirt, be sure to not wear something loose, but something fitted.

Bottom: I love, love destroyed denim shorts! I admit it: I have a fetish for them! All my jean shorts are distressed - I just love the American Eagle ones! In fact, I think they do reflect with the beach because its distressed style is casual and laid back and that's what being at the beach is all about. I always wear white shorts with a brown belt to the beach because they're more neutral and fun. I think a lot of brownish accessories are very casual and hip - think of those bands you saw at PacSun.

As I mentioned before about boho skirts, they're very common beach clothing. If you're going to wear a loose shirt, tuck it in the skirt. I think loose shirts with loose skirts don't really go together because they take away the side of your physique. Like bikinis, if you have a great body, show it off at the beach!

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