Friday, October 7, 2011

Kristin Cavallari: Dressing Like a Star

Dancing With The Stars' latest victim, Kristin Cavallari, arrived at LAX with her dancing partner (or should I say former) Mark Ballas, and her plane landed her on the fashion runway as she was dressed in style while jet lagged. She was makeup-free and dressed all in black with a leather jacket, black leggings, mid-calf suede heels, and accessorized her outfit with her Alexander Wang Coco Duffel Bag and spiced her all-black outfit with a loose beige printed scarf.

Get her look!

Apparel: When you're all dressed in black, you want to be comfortable and Kristin is comfortable (in some sense).

On the inside, don't wear something too revealing or too concealing. Maybe a scoop neck or a v-neck. And remember: you don't necessarily have to wear all black! But a dark, solid color would be good, on the safe side.

Cristin Michaels' Cobra Shirt from 6pm for $20.70 with a zipper in the middle shows some sexiness with the leather jacket. It also comes in mahagony, which is also a passable color for this outfit. (As long as it's not vivid)

I'm pretty sure every girl has a pair of black leggings so it shouldn't be hard to find one at all but if you don't have one already, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe and Dillards are some of the many shops that sell them for under $20.

Leather jackets are very popular these days and I'm sure faux leather jackets are sold more than real leather jackets. Forever 21 has a nice and simple faux leather jacket for $32.80. Just don't zip it up!

Shoes: It's good that Kristin didn't choose leather boots. She kept it on the low with comfortable (or at least I think) mid-calf suede boots. You don't exactly have to wear heels but if you wish to, you'll like Michael Antonio's McKenzie boots at Sheik Shoe for $46.97. If you want to get really comfortable, Delia's Rebels Justin Boots for $29.99 will do you good!

Accessories:You can choose any color for the scarf, of course, as long as you think it looks great with black. (What doesn't look good with black?!) I'm really loving this Tone-on-Tone Black Animal Print Scarf from New York & Company for $19.95. It's dark gray-colored but I think the animal print just brings out the fun.

Any bag would look great with this outfit, especially a large satchel bag but stay with the dark colored side. Whether you go for funky Betsey Johnson or retro Guess, it doesn't matter! But if you dig K-Cav's duffle bag, Gap's Peppled Roll Tote for $41.96 will give you a defining look. Bags define every outfit!

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